Learn to build Products that Customers love at your gemba & apply on the job.

You are a Product Development team in medium to big organizations. Your job is to build useful products that customers love. You like building products in shorter cycles to reduce risk of building unused products resulting in higher cost of delay. You may use Scrum or Kanban or your own way of iterating through product development quickly to adapt to customer needs.

Learn on the Job! Foster Creativity , Collaborate and build Customer Loving Products.

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video_icon.png eLearning Tutorials

Product development is complex and creative. The teams can certainly learn by attending workshops however the knowledge required just in time while on the ground is more useful. The goal of PlayScrum eLearning suite is to provide that dynamic content when the team needs on the job. These eLearning modules come in small nuggets to understand the concept quickly and easily while on the job.

Product Management

Business Model Design

User Research


Agile Leadership





Continuous Delivery

Test Driven Development

Behaviour Driven Development


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video_icon.png Our Products
Playscrum Creative Tools

PlayScrum Creative tool is one of a kind ideation and management tool for product teams. It’s a tool that can help product teams easily manage their work with with features to help them:

  • Generate real user stories using impact mapping, experience mapping

  • Design innovative solutions using Job mapping

  • Manage product development using Scrum boards

  • Easy to use techniques for managing product backlog like User Story Mapping

  • Manage team improvement using System Boards

  • Easy to understand business reports for management

  • Alexa integration for real time triggers for attention

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Product Management capability to define vision and strategy

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Organization’s ability improve system to adapt to market needs

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Team’s ability to improve their practices to fulfill customer needs

video_icon.png Communities and Meetups

Learning is even more fun when it’s shared.

As the teams start building their products, they gain experience, the teams may want to show their expertise to the other teams in their organization or outside world and help others learn and learn by sharing. PlayScrum Share platform provide this opportunity to share and learn.

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Practicioner’s Corner
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Create groups within organization
Join existing groups
Write blogs
Create videos and share

Start sharing today..

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Practicioner’s Corner

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