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Change is hard, but most people don’t know why it is so hard and what can we do about it. We need new ways and means in understanding what prevents and enables our own change. The problem lies between what we actually and what are we able to do for it. Do you want to understand what is stopping us to go for a change and how to overcome it? This course is for you.

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What will you learn?

This course starts with introductions and discusses about Priortizing Techniques. You will learn:

Challenges faced in Change

Diagnosing the immunity to change

Unlocking potentials

Understanding the dysfunctions

Overcoming your immunity to Change

Surfacing the Collective Immunity in your organization

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218 Mins
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Top Reviews


Amit Jain

Live examples, case studies and mind-blowing experience. The topics were fantastically delivered for Scrum and it felt like attending a live class. Kudos to the team! Value for my money.

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Anil Kumar

Product Management concepts could not be delivered better by anyone other than Satisha. Satisha’s examples were eye openers for me. Couldn’t have been better at all. All the topics were supported by real time examples where I could relate and learn. I have gone over the course thrice and enjoying the learning every single time.

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Sandeep Reddy

I had enrolled for Systems Thinking course delivered by Apeksha. It was an amazing topic to learn. It has opened my third eye in making decisions. Now, I understand how to solve problems by thinking of the entire system. Thanks for opening my eyes.

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