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Have you heard about Agile Estimation, Story point estimation and wondering what is it? Looking to learn the Art of Estimation in Product Development? Then, this course is for you!!

This course will help you understand what is meant by Estimation and what is the need of it? It starts with explaining what is Agile estimation and by the end of the course one will be familiar with Agile estimation (Story point Estimation).

This course provides an experiential learning by explaining the concepts with examples and real-life experiences.

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Apeksha Patel

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What is Estimation?

Why is it needed?

What are Story Points?

Why fibonnaci is used in Planning Poker?

Why fibonnaci is used in Planning Poker?

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Top Reviews


Mohan Krishna

DevOps was always a gray area for me. I don’t know how to thank PlayScrum for offering me this course which helped me learn “What is DevOps”. Trainer had great knowledge and the course helped me learn. Thanks, PlayScrum.

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Manjunath Varma

PlayScrum has become my go to platform for learning anything and everything in terms of Agility and Leadership. I have improved my skillsets after enrolling for courses under PlayScrum. I get certified by PlayScrum as well. You guys rock!

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I did enroll for couple of courses and got certified by PlayScrum after completing them. The problem I faced was while practicing them in workplace. Fear not, PlayScrum mentors helped me with all my queries and they literally spent time answering my queries. It’s not just the learning that interested me but their support after we have learned. Thanks for helping me out. I will be coming for more.

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