This group is for Scrum Enthusiasts and Scrum Practitioners in Delhi area who wants to continue to learn about Scrum by collaborating with others in this region with similar interests. The purpose is to meet and share the day to day challenges that we face in practicing Scrum and learn from others how to address them.

Community Leader


Pratyush Nath

Scrum Master

Incorporating short term plans, executing them with perfection, inspecting what I have done, adapting and moving on wraps up my journey from a little boy on the last bench to a technology lead with a leading investment bank. Even before I realised I had already made a friendly handshake with Agile and realised that our hands had a peculiar way of fitting together. I challenged the principles that it proposed, tried to reason it out but the deeper I dug into it the merrier it appeared. I figured out that we were made for each other. Proudly being agile.