About Playscrum

PlayScrum is a community of agile practitioners passionate about playing the Product Development game using Scrum. Objective of the initiative is to “To help people learn and play Scrum effectively.” The members of the PlayScrum community are known as Players. Players across India meet once a month in their respective cities to update themselves on latest happening in Scrum.
Currently there are seven PlayScrum meetup groups all over India Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Vadodara with more than 2200 Players distributed across India. (as on May 2016). PlayScrum user groups in Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Vadodara are recognized by ScrumAlliance.
The community has organized around 50 regular meetups, 10 half-day metups and 5 full-day meetups across India and discussed a wide range various topics including:



Techniques like Impact mapping, Experience mapping.



Concepts like Ways to Scale Scrum, Coaching models, Big Team Dynamics, Agile methodology which is suitable for an organization (What is good for me?)



Applications like Organizational transformation, Organizational Change, Fix bid projects using Scrum , HR and Performance challanges, and many case studies that people bring in.

Playscrum Groups